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Which one there is the one here

Can you reproduce the movie below ? It is weird "on press" !

download the zipped fla

We create two keyframes. In the first keyframe, we drag 3 instances of symbol from library, then in the next frame we drag another 3 instance of symbol.

What will Flash think about them ?

Will Flash consider them as 6 different instances ? Or Flash consider that is a 2-frame animation of 3 instances ?

If that is a 2 frame animation of 3 instances, then which instance in the frame 2 corresponds to the first instance in the frame 1 ? How does flash connect and decide the relationship between these 3 instances and that 3 instances ?

If I fill the instance names of them, will instance names changes the answer of above question ?

It seems complex and depends on the sequence how we "edit" the fla.

Sometimes, Flash pick the position where the nearest one is corresponding to that instance.

Sometimes it depends on the order we drag from the library. The first one created in frame 1 will corresponds to the first one created in frame 2;

Instance name does not help much.