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over-wide bitmap symbol

Flash accept a limit of width setting of 2880; What if we make a symbol with a width of 3000 px ?

For game, we might create a big bitmap background for scrolling. For panoramic view movie, we might create a wide bitmap symbol. For picture gallery, we might collect multiple bitmaps in a movieClip. Sometimes, the width will larger than 2880;

This does not happen frequently. Most of the time, it is awkuard to edit the symbol. When we edit the symbole, Flash wont let us see the symbol on the stage. But, we can still create symbol like this.

Usually we will break it into several symbols. When we scroll the view, we attach the needed symbol and remove off-screen symbol. But making a big bitmap symbol for scrolling is also  a good technique.

Here is a movie. The upper clip got stripes at the right 1/3 part. The lower one is the correct one.

The upper one is a symbol, that is made from 3 bitmap of 1000 px;And the width of the symbol is 3000 px. I drag it onto the stage and set its width to be 500; After published, the third bitmap becomes stripes.

The lower one is a copy of the symbol above. But, I select them all and set its width as 500 before dragged onto the stage. So, the width of the symbol is 500 px. After published, the bitmap is rendered correctly.

So, this bad rendering of bitmap occurrs during "publish"; It does not matter if we widen it later by script.

So, we realize the principle:

1. Flash allows a bitmap of extensively wide.

2. Flash does not allow a movieClip symbol with width over 2880; So we just shrink the bitmap.

3. Flash allows a movieClip to zoom extensively. A movieClip of 1000x300 can be set _xscale=400 without problems.

Below is a demo movie. I import a bitmap of 3480 wide. Make it a movieClip and scroll.  

download the zipped fla

You will not notice any difference before publish.