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Visibility of duplicateMovieClip and LoadMovie



Why the loaded movie is visible even I have set mc as invisible ? How can I make loaded Movie as invisible ?

When we duplicateMovieClip, the new created movieClip will copy the properties of the template movieClip. The properties copied include _x, _y, _rotation, _xscale, _yscale, _alpha.  The new clip will be the same size , rotation , position and alpha appearance. However, it is always reset to visible. Even we make  the template movieClip _visible=false, the duplicateMovieClip is reset to visible.

To make duplicateMovieClip invisilbe is simple. Just make the new clip  _visible=false;

When we load an SWF to a movieClip, the SWF will inherit the _x, _y, _rotation, _xscale, _yscale and _alpha. We can control the SWF by this. However, the SWF is always reset to visible, even we set the movieClip _visible=false;

To make the SWF invisible onLoad, we can set it _visible=false in the frame 1 of the SWF.

Or, set movieClip _alpha=0 and then load Movie, the SWF will be invisible.