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About Distortion skew

Flash MX add a function that we can distort "shape"; It is "shape" that we can distort. We still can not distort "movieClip" or "bitmap"; So, when we need skew a movieClip, we can only skew it into regular diamond (quandrangle);  No perspective skew can be applied to movieClip either manually or by script, unless the target is a "shape" or something you break-apart into shape.

To distort a movieClip, we need a trick to make the picture by multiple stripes and control them respectively. However, it is not practical for large movieClip. If a movieClip has 300 width, and we make a stripe 3 pixels wide, we get 100 movieClips to construct the original movieClip. The CPU will go mad. Below is a movie demonstrate the principles.

download fla

Is'nt there any way ? Could we break them into two triangle and distort and skew each triangle and combine them together ?

I tried this by many ways. After I think deep about the math, I get a conclusion: it is not possible.

Below is a movie I did. I make two triangle to stitch them together. At first glance, the distortion skew seems not too bad. But if we click the button, we will realize that, it is not an even distortion. The stitch line will be obvious sometimes.