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Rubic cube game support page

I got my first Rubic cube when I was a child. There was a one-paper "manual" explaining how to solve the puzzle. I never got it right.

That was 30 years ago. When we mess up the cube colors, we just take it apart and re-assemly the pieces  to a "solved" one. Now, time changes. The cube is very secure and no way to take it apart and re-assemly pieces.

It is common that we bought a cube. We mess it up minutes later and fail to "solve". Then the cube was thrown into the deep cabinet and never got our attention any more.

Sometime, we need it back. We need it back to a "solved" state so that we can "practice" from beginning.

Since I published the game with a feature "solving the puzzle" and "import", some may ask me - How to import the data from the cube in my living room ? Well, for my original design, the "import" is not for a real cube. The color arrangement may be different for each cube. In my cube the white color and yellow color are opposite. Also for blue and green color. Also for orange and red color. I believe the cube in your hand is different from mine.

Anyway, I need to re-arrange the color to simulate your cube. So I create a movie as interface to create import string.

I am not sure whether it is practical or not. To fill out the colors of 54 square need patience. After import to the game, the solution string may contain 100 steps to solve the cube. It takes more than just minutes to finish by computer. It will take much more time to do it by hands.

Here is new version of Rubic game that accept import string with color data.

Below is the importer. If this diagram is drawn on a hard paper, we cut the silluette and make it a cube by glue , then it is the cube on your hand. If you dont understand what it is, then scramble the cube in the game, export the string, copy-paste the string to this importer, then compare the cube and the diagram. You may need to open two window to see it. If you have Flash player, you can find these two swf in your temporary directory.