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Instance names of the movieClips in tween

Sometimes it is annoying and confusing for access the movieClip instance in tween.  Here is a simple tween. It consists of tween between two keyframes. In both keyframes, I entered the instance name as "mc" and onEnterFrame, showing the instance name by textbox; At the end of the tween, I add a button to change _alpha of "mc";

OK, the _alpha of mc is changed and the tween is destroyed. (Once we change the _x,_y,_xscale,_yscale,_alpha) the motion tween will be destroyed.


Now we pick the instance in the first keyframe of the tween. I delete its instance name but preserved the instance name in the second keyframe. Sicne my button is in Frame 9 to change the _alpha,  I only need correct instance name in Frame 9, right ? Does this matter ? Here we see:

This "why not working" is asked in FlashKit board. It is not easy to trouble shooting why this button wont work if we focus our debugging at frame 9;

Why the instance name wont change to "mc" in the frame 9 ? As expect, if the instance name remained the same as undefined as the beginning of the tween, my button wont be effective.

So, our conclusion is that, instance name is set at the beginning of the tween. I set instance name as "mc" in the beginning of the tween but changed the instance name at Frame 9 as "mc2"; Now we will see whether the instance name in Frame 9 will be ignored. See:

I dont know what is shown on your computer. Flash Mx and Flash 5 seems having different policy about this. Sometimes it take the instance name as "mc2" at the end of the tween, sometimes, it does not.

download the zipped fla of all these movie