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Here are some of my posts in FlashKit. It is my learning notes during Flash 5 and Mx. Old ? :)
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Disclaimer:Anyone may modify or use these scripts freely.


sripting skew movie
tutor about skew scripting
something about distortional skew

rotating cube
tutor about rotating cube

rotating pyramid
tutor about rotating pyramid

rubic cube engine
tutor about rubic cube engine

Rotation around 3d Axis
tutor about rotation points around 3d Axis

Rubic cube game
Source fla of Rubic cube game

I make a component similar to scrollpane. No fancy live preview and UI. Just setContent. Not mxp file. Just drag from the library if you want. The script here looks neater than links above.

example fla using skewComponent

Here is Rubic game support page. Not for Flasher. Some ask for "import" function to import the cube on their hand.
New rubic cube game and importer interface

Flash 3d

Throw a ball straight
tutor about throw a ball straight

Basic 3d scripting in Flash

spin wheel 3d
tutor about spin wheel 3d

perspective cube Flash 5
perspective cube Flash MX

tutor about perspective cube

Maze 3d experiment
tutor about 3d wall and face in maze 3d experiment


physics about collision between two balls with same mass    
scripting and calculation about the momenta in 2D and 3D    
movie:collision of two balls in 3 D space    
the precision of collision between two balls    

how did I do the snoocker game    

new collision script

Recently, I decide to re-write the snooker game by MX. The structure is much cleaner than Flash 5. So I would remove the version 5 which looks like a mess.

my snoocker game Mx version
source file about the snoocker game

Why there are sticky balls.

Animate 3D pie

movie: animate 3D pie (Flash MX)    
how to create 3D Pie by draw api of MX

Color picker

movie: color picker    
how to construct and read hue diagram    
fade animation of colors


Movie:Equation grapher and calculator    
Tutor about how to calculate the value of math expression    
Tutor about how to calculate equation with variables for grapher    
Movie:Displayer for simple math equation (Flash MX)   

Depths sorting in isometric tiles

movie:my isometric engine     
the math base behind depths sorting algorithm
diagram of two different depths sorting algorithm

Will instance be reset for next tween segment ?

how scritps work in tweened movieClip instances part 1    
how scritps work in tweened movieClip instances part 2    
need I fill all instance name in each tween segment ?    
will tweened mask affect the instance of the movieClip ?@

Unicode and Multi-language in Flash MX

embed fonts of different CodePages in one movie

My Notes about OOP in Flash MX

some notes about object oriented programing in Flash MX

My Notes about Action script in Flash MX

some notes about action script


1.speed that is not twip, deviate to zero           
2.pixel shift when import bitmap
3.gradient mask  
4.embedding fonts to htmltext for mask and animation, (file size is big)
5._height=76.7 or 76.65
6.width of bitmap symbol greater than 2880    
7.pixelated bitmap quality when _root contains more than 1 frames    
8.setMask to a movieClip with complex shape    
9.removeMovieClip(), why can not ?    
10.duplicate and reload after swapDepths     
11.Which one there is this one here (animation)      
12.Why I can not have more than 7 item, (octal number)     
13.why prototype not work in MX, this in Flash 5 and Flash MX     
14.Why my function not work, keyword conflict     
15.Why my loadVar relative path fails ? the Domain     
16.How many days are there in 2004 Feb      
17.visible load and _alpha
18.scope of i index in nested for-loop     
19.ghost shadow in 16 bit color display
20.remnant strokes after zoom-out animation@
21.incorrect wordwrap in embedfonts and setTextFormat  
22.scope for setInterval

23. About "var"
24. Event handler
25. function ab() vs ab=function()
26. about Array

27. Matrix in gradient fill
28. curveTo guide and drawing animation
29. draw a dash curve to

30. math about calculating area of a polygon

31. change the color of selection in textfield
32. compare the methods for perspective skew bitmap@

32. setting the width to a rotated clip, nonsence ?! @

33. getRGB value of a pixel ? not really @

34. evolution of event handling
35. to write a class in AS2
36. what is interface
37. about static properties in AS2 Class

2004 Jan:

38. float number, the inaccuracy and its string representation

39. the trick of Mind Reading psy2003.swf
40. the trick of Mind Reading in fido site

41. to extend the Math class

42. protect swf from decompiler ?

2004 April:

43 power of Color transformation

2004 May:

44 getter/setter property

2004 June:

45 rational number

2004 July

        46 recreate the shape in SWF through drawing API

2004 Aug

47 The matrix in beginGradientFill , part 2 - how to apply

Some articles after 2004 July

48 The reveal of underlying shape during alpha tween

49 Calculate the area of a contour

50 Wire beetle animation : shape object in JSFL api

51 Name of class conflicts with loaded class

52 Rotating iso 3d cube

53 Rotating diamond, the 3d mesh implementation

54 Equation displayer

55 Equation evaluator

56 Bitmap explosion effect created with JSFL

57 gotoAndPlay and the queue

58 Equation grapher

59 Make my vector shape Black/White

60 The 3D perspective field

61 Over-ride the recursive and timeout limit MX2004

62 Sorting of 3d walls